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Sometimes the smallest, most inconsequential thing, like a roll of film -- can have a profound impact on our lives. And such was the case when in 1985 Lisa Toby bopped into Palmers Camera in Berkeley. Having graduated from CCA where she studied Printmaking and Photography, Lisa's career as an artist was already up and running and her work represented by several prestigious galleries. But her pictures required film -- at least, back then they did. On this particular Fall day with exquisite light, she didn't have any. And so to Palmers she went...There she was helped by Tim, then a senior at UC Berkeley, finishing up his thesis on the photography of Robert Adams. Having spent much of his childhood in England, Tim was greatly influenced by the gardens there, and on returning to California to attend Cal, Tim took a job as chief gardener at a remote creekside estate in Piedmont.

Within a year Tim and Lisa were working together maintaining gardens. Maintenance quickly evolved to include small layout changes, and, before long, entire garden re-dos.
Doing art and making gardens became and continues to be the structure of their lives together, complementing, challenging and inspiring each other's vision and aesthetic in everything they do.

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Over time GLD's work has become more architectural in its scope. Tim and Lisa feel that planting is the icing, and too often it's spread over a crumbling, ill-conceived cake. Homes in the Bay Area are often in need of new hardscape and conceptual vision... it is an opportunity to give good structure and flow to the gardens adorning the beautiful architecture that graces our environment.

The Goodmans take pride in their highly talented, skilled crew, who have worked with them for many years. Tim and Lisa oversee every step of the installations of their designs, and are known for high quality artfulness, their standard. Their landscapes beautify and add value, reflecting Tim and Lisa's commitment to enhancing the wonderfully varied architecture and natural beauty of the Bay Area. The Goodmans create gardens that invite closer scrutiny, that reward the unplanned stroll, and offer up a visual and sensual respite from the hectic demands of our daily lives.

2016 marks Goodman Landscape Design's 30th anniversary.  Tim and Lisa had the great fortune to celebrate this momentous event by traveling to Japan in the Autumn of 2015 to relish in and absorb some of the most beautiful gardens in the world.  



-San  Francisco Bay Area East  Sweepstakes  Award for the  Buchholz  Residence  (Rugby Ave,  Kensington)  California Landscape Contractors  Association(CLCA) 2009
-San  Francisco Bay Area East, First  Place  Award for large residential  design and  installation  for the  Anderson  Residence  (Yale Circle,  Kensington) California Landscape Contractors  Association(CLCA)  2009
-City of San Rafael design  award/honorable  mention for  landscaping and site enhancements  for 7 &11 Mark Drive, San Rafael - a  collaboration  with Rynerson &  O’Brien Architecture, 2007
-Masters of Design Award from Pool  & Spa News,  2006
-"Best Outdoor Living," Design Award, City of  Piedmont, CA, 2006      
-“Secret Gardens of the East  Bay" Selected by  the Park Day Garden Committee to be  represented  in the garden tour, 2009, 2005, 2002, and 1998.
-CLCA Statewide Trophy Awards, first place  award for large residential design and  installation, 2005
-Best Residential Architectural Remodel And  Landscaping Award, Berkeley Architectural  Historical Association (B.A.H.A.),  2004
-Best Residential Restorative Landscape Design    And Installation Award, Berkeley Architectural  Historical Association (B.A.H.A.),  2003
-Concrete Masonry Association's Honor Award,  private design category, co-winner with Radcliff  Architects, 2004
- CLCA First Place Award for Medium Residential  Design and Installation for The Bay Area, 1997
-Berkeley Horticultural Nursery's First Place  Award For Best Medium-Sized Garden, Bay Area,  1995
-Berkeley Horticultural Nursery's First Place  Award For Best Small Garden, Bay Area, 1992

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