Unique in its shared spaces with neighbors who've lived side by side for decades, sharing a history, a creek, and a place called home, Tim and Lisa were thrilled to be able to design and build these gardens, having been old neighbors, and familiar with the tremendous potential there. Perched high above the garden with no architectural tie-in to the house, with its straight set of steps, an old deck waited to be reborn. Leaving the landing, but replacing the rail detail, and the steps created a sense of entry into the new garden waiting below. The new space invites the visitor to sit a while, and to view the many vistas of this enchanted wonderland from each turn of the gracious staircase. Wide and comfortable, with deep treads and low rises, the steps become furniture in the garden. The back garden is a woodland with drifts of plants and paths leading from here to there, a bench to sit on, an arbor to pass through into a cathedral of Bay trees with a swing, and the creek beyond. The new front garden has a riot of color, within the beloved, old boxwood perimeter, and a new arbor with details that match those on the house - it graces and extends the classic Bungalow entrance.